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Exposure by Morgan & Jennifer Locklear REVIEW

Exposure by Morgan & Jennifer Locklear

So what's a publicist to do? Publicist Shaunna Noble is no stranger to the ego-filled dysfunction of Hollywood's elite, but is she ready for her two biggest clients to turn into her worst nightmare? Kyle Petersen and Michelle Cooper are Hollywood royalty, everyone's favorite celebrity couple, but while on location filming their new summer blockbuster, Kyle ambushes his wife with divorce papers and orders Shaunna to destroy Michelle in the media. Unwilling to comply, Shaunna spectacularly and publicly quits her job, humiliating Kyle in the process.David Quinn, a struggling actor cast alongside the A-listers, is caught in the crossfire. When pictures surface of David and Michelle out on the town, media and fans rush to crown them Hollywood's new hot couple. Kyle explodes, tensions boil over, and everyone's lives and careers are thrown into jeopardy.So what's a publicist to do? Especially when Shaunna finds herself falling in love with the sexy and talented David. Can she put out fires on the set while keeping the flames burning in the bedroom?Love, lies and passion. What happens when the naked truth is exposed?

My Review

This story has it all, everything from love to revenge! I personally found this to be a nice relaxing but engaging read, it's not too heavy but it was still able to hold my attention. The characters are very realistic and the issues they face even more so! Exposure gives you a look at the movie industry from the other side, not what the papers are showing but what is actually happening, it had me wondering how many of the stories in the media that I've read were just false perceptions and more importantly what the real story behind it was. With the characters you have the ones you love and then the ones you love to hate! Kyle is definitely without a doubt my love to hate character and I don't think I'm the only one who feels that way. And David is just something else... He has a playful side and he has a knack of bringing out the best in the others, with the exception of Kyle of course! I loved the storyline! It had me captivated, I couldn't put it down and when it was over I was begging for more!  


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Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd BLURB & EXCERPT!!!

Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd


He raked his hands down his sopping face, exhaling harshly. The rain had eased somewhat; it wasn’t so loud. Yet it fell, steadily. Spattering all around us, seeping into our skin, diluting our haze of lust. Washing Tom with reality, while leaving me swimming in an ocean of unrealized want. And all I could hear was his breathing, sawing in and out of his chest. And my own. “Tom,” I whispered again. He snapped his head up. His eyes swimming in despair and regret and a thousand other things I couldn’t pin down that weren’t supposed to be there. Emotions that had no business being in this moment. He shook his head, his hands went between us, putting us back to order, tugging on my dress like he hadn’t just been buried inside me. Pulling my straps up. “Tom,” I pleaded. “Speak to me.” “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” “Stop saying that. What the hell just happened?” He shook his head. “I can’t ... you can’t ... I can’t believe I did that to you ...” “You didn’t do it! We did it. We were doing it. And I want it, Tom. I want you.” My voice broke. “You don’t want me. You don’t know what you’re doing.” He kept shaking his head. Like he couldn’t believe what had just happened. “But I do know what I’m doing.” “You don’t. I don’t.” His voice was harsh and mangled. The wind had died down, but the rain was incessant. I pulled strength from the steady thrum of it, the certainty I felt in my bones. “I know what I’m doing,” I said calmly. “I’m loving you.” His face went blank.

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Poles Apart by Kirsty Moseley RELEASE DAY BLITZ & REVIEW!!!!

poles apart


Book Info

Title: Poles Apart

Author: Kirsty Moseley

Genre: NA/Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Sarah @ Okay Creations

Early Release on iBooks: Nov. 16th 2014

Release Date: Nov. 18th 2014


Book Cover Jacket

He’s pole position...

Carson Matthews, the hottest driver ever to hit the MotoGP circuit, is living the carefree, celebrity lifestyle. With little to worry about, other than keeping himself top of the leader board, his favourite weekend pastime is visiting a certain blonde at Angels Gentlemen’s Club.

She’s a pole dancer...

Emma Bancroft, a part-time lap dancer, is just trying to make ends meet. Her responsibilities weigh heavily on her, as does the secret she’s kept from everyone for the last two and a half years.

The two of them are poles apart.

My Review

5(+1)* ;)
Emma Bancroft isn't your usual lap dancer! Lets just throw that out there straight away!! She's an intelligent, vivacious and fiercely protective young woman doing whatever she needs to, to protect and support her you may have noticed...I'm feeling all protective and a little mummy tiger of Emma!
Carson (CarsonIsMine) Matthews is an internationally acclaimed driver with the world at his feet, more money than the queen and thousands of women literally throwing themselves at him (Not a pair you would naturally put together are they? read the'll get the attraction, I promise)
Moseley has done what she does best...faced an issue that most people would shy away from even mentioning and faced it head on! This is a modern day Cinderella story with higher heels and more cuss words.

The writing was exceptional, emotive and very sympathetically phrased, I don't have a single bad word to say about Poles apart other than I was left wanting more!!!! When I wasn't welling up...I was literally laughing so hard that I was in tears anyway! I know I can only award a maximum of 5 stars....but tough! I'm borrowing an extra one! The elusive SIX stars!!!!!

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Poles Apart Emma Teaser

Meet Kirsty Moseley

Kirsty Moseley has always been a passionate reader since she was a little girl, devouring books overnight, barely sleeping and paying for it at school the next day. Writing has come similarly to her and once she discovered Wattpad, she finally plucked up the courage to post one of her stories. Seven million reads later, she self-published her debut novel THE BOY WHO SNEAKS IN MY BEDROOM WINDOW, which later became one of 10 Finalists for the 2012 Goodreads' Choice Awards, Best YA Fiction. Shocked and overwhelmed by the response, she published her second novel ALWAYS YOU a few months later.

If she had to sum herself up in one word, it would probably be 'daydreamer' - but unlike most of her school teachers, she doesn't necessarily view that as a bad thing. After all, she read somewhere once that books are like waking dreams....

She lives in Norfolk, England with her husband and son.

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Unmarked by Alisa Mullen RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW!!!!!

Title: Unmarked: Sean's Story
Series: Chosen #4
Author: Alisa Mullen
 Release Date: November 18, 2014


Sean Ford has loved Lizzie O'Malley all of his adult life. Now that he is in his thirties and a successful tattoo artist, he finds himself stuck in life. He should have~ He could have ~ But he didn't. Kicking himself for letting Lizzie slip through his fingers, he has to pretend that life is just peachy. His favorite past time is hiding out in his bedroom.

When Aoife Flanagan arrives in Boston to do an internship with college, she is glad to have escaped the dismal life she has back in Wicklow, Ireland. As a twenty-three year old student and professional, she prefers staying in the corner at parties, hiding from everyone's attention, and sticking to the financial plan that her father outlined for her.

One night...
One confusing night...
One amazing summer...

Sean and Aoife may have been brought together by fate but to stay together means more than roses and butterflies. They must fight the world for one another. What separates them is one big ocean and one tiny question.

Sink or Swim?

This is Book 4 in The Chosen Series but it can be read as a STANDALONE since it is Sean's story. For Mature Audiences 17+ only, please.

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"Unmarked is by far my favorite of The Chosen Series!" 
- Evocative Book Reviews
"I wish I could give it ten stars!"
- Naughty Girls of Romance


Also Available



Sean Ford is the quintessential contradiction! he's a tattooed bad boy whose into heavy metal and someone who, seemingly, doesn't particularly care about anyone's opinion...except his ''friend'' Lizzie but underneath it all he harbours a deep dark secret...this bad boy is nursing a broken heart and a tortured soul. When he meets the sassy Irish Aoife sparks immediately fly and they recognise a special kinship. Mullen has created a beautiful story out of the damage that unrequited love can cause, she's managed to show the scars and the potential damage without turning into a sorrowful story. This was well written and had moments of actual comical genius. I adored Sean and wanted to kick Lizzie's butt in his defence. Well done Alisa, you've done it again! 4 stars!!


Author Bio

Alisa Mullen is the author of the Best Selling Saga, The Chosen Series and the Best Selling psychological suspense novel, Plastic Confidence. She grew up in Down East Maine. Mullen has a BA from Texas A&M University and a MS from Our Lady of Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, making necklaces, and spending time with her family. Mullen lives in South Texas with her loving husband and their two children.

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The Redeemer by JD Chase COVER REVEAL!!!!!

The Redeemer (Rouge Passion #2) by JD Chase

 Cover designer: Chris Young


This is the second, and final, instalment of J.D. Chase’s Amazon #1 bestselling romantic erotica series, Rouge Passion.  It follows on from events at the end of The Player …

Xander’s secret sends Isla reeling.  Frustrated with her own stupidity, and in full denial of the pain she’s feeling, she resolves to teach him a lesson.  As the legal owner of Rouge Passion, she’s in the perfect position to do just that.  And boy, she could give lessons on how to deal with cheats.  She goes all out to protect her position, including enlisting the services of two former Marines. 

Although fiercely independent, she has to rely on the staff to help her, something that proves difficult, especially after a drunken liaison.  

Can Xander outmanoeuvre her or, with the odds stacked against him, should he walk away?

Is everything always black and white?  Or do grey areas exist?

Xander is forced to regret holding his cards so close to his chest but, when all is revealed, will he be left holding the winning hand?

Goodreads link to the book

Look out for J.D.’s new series, Passion Noire, featuring some familiar faces from Passion Rouge … coming soon to a kindle near you.

J.D. Chase’s Biography:

Amazon bestselling author, J.D. Chase is a hopeless, incurable romantic. When she's not reading it, she's writing it. Although these days, she spends much more time writing than she does reading. She hates getting to the end of a good book and will regularly put it down, limiting herself to reading one page at a time as it nears the end. She will mourn a good book for days.

She hyperventilates whenever she releases a new book ... never wanting to let her faithful readers down. She danced in delight when The Player held the #1 spot of both the erotica chart and the romantic erotica chart simultaneously for a week. She loves her readers and is eternally grateful for their support and frankness.

JD loves to meet readers and fellow authors so she enjoys attending signing events and will be signing at several UK events in 2015 (Peterborough, London and Aberdeen) as well as Dublin and possibly further afield.   If you’re going along, go and say hi … she’ll love to see you.

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Unwritten by M.C. Decker REVIEW!!!!

Unwritten by M.C. Decker

I thought it was too late. I thought our story had already been written. 

College sophomore Brooke Anderson thought she had it all − a loving family, her sexy high school sweetheart, a supportive, quick-witted best friend and dreams of being the next hotshot reporter for the Washington Post. 

Fate had something else in mind when Brooke collided with the devastatingly handsome upperclassman, Rich Davis. Rich was cocky, conceited and arrogant. He was everything that Brooke didn’t want, but Rich never gave her the option. He had already made the choice to be, at the very least, her friend. Would Brooke accept this egotistical man’s friendship? Would she choose to want more? Would it be too late if she did? 

Fast forward nearly ten years. Brooke’s life hadn’t played out quite as she had envisioned it. She was suffering from the heartbreaking loss of her mother, her high school sweetheart was long gone, and her dreams of the Washington Post had turned into a career at a small town paper. Brooke decided it was time to follow her dreams. If she couldn’t be happy in love, at least she could be happy in life. 

Brooke’s dreams brought her to the lobby of the Washington Post where fate intervened once again as she collided with none other than the devastatingly handsome Rich Davis. As her potential employer, Rich now seemed off-limits. Brooke wanted her successful career more than a chance at love. But, was it really her choice to make, or was it beyond her control? 

Maybe our story is, in fact, Unwritten …

My Review

Warning this is the first in a series so that means there is a MAJOR cliffhanger!!! Wow, what a book! I jumped head first into Rich and Brooke's story and I really wasn't expecting to like them as much as I do, so the wait for Unscripted is going to kill me. At first I really didn't like either of them! I thought he was too arrogant and she was too naïve and stubborn, but the more you read the more you can see them develop and evolve into the characters that I loved by the end. Their story, that spans over a decade, is an emotional roller-coaster, that is full of friendship, heartache, tears and passion. They have their highs and lows and boy do you ride along with them. Unwritten is a seriously addictive read, with two of the most infuriating, can't help but love them, main characters that I have ever come across! This is a really solid debut novel by M.C. Decker and I am so glad that I read it!


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Miles From Home by Ava Bell COVER REVEAL!!!!

Miles From Home by Ava Bell!

Six months after the death of her mother, Twenty-one-year-old Maggie Taylor is just trying to get through each day when she's offered a coveted spot at a prestigious dance school in New York City. Knowing her father will not approve, she packs her car and sets out on a road trip that will leave her forever changed.

Twenty-one-year-old Sam Austin is tired of being stuck in a small town. Forced to deal with his father's alcoholism since his mother left eleven years ago, Sam has only ever found solace in music and frequent one-night-stands. When Sam is presented with the opportunity to move to Chicago, he leaps at the chance, and leaves town with only his backpack and guitar.

When Sam and Maggie arrive in the small Midwestern town of Hermann, Missouri, they are forced to share the only room available . What starts as a simple inconvenience soon turns into a weekend of passion. A passion that will burn until they are reunited years later by a terrible tragedy.

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Jodi Ellen Malpas INTERVIEW!!!!!

Jodi Ellen Malpas Interview!!!

We were lucky enough to get an interview with the amazing Jodi Ellen Malpas, author of the This Man series and the One Night series! We are so grateful to Jodi and her lovely assistant Siobhan for setting it up! Thank you so much ladies we are forever grateful!

What is your earliest book related memory?
My books or books in general? I'll answer both! For my books, it would have to be Jesse himself. His character was so clear in my mind, I couldn't fathom why. He and his story built in my mind until I felt compelled to put it all on paper. My earliest book related memory in general would be the adventures of The Famous Five by Enid Blyton. I wanted to be one of the famous five :-)

How long was Jesse trampling around in your mind before he made his way onto the page?

A long time!

Which book/series did you have the most fun writing?

Oh, both! For many different reasons. Jesse and his antics were so much fun to translate into words, but Miller and ONE NIGHT was a challenge after the success of THIS MAN, so I had great fun (mixed with a little apprehension) telling his story and looking forward (and nervous) to my readers reactions to him.

Is there a genre that you REALLY want to write one day? 

Funny, I had a conversation with my agent the other day about this. She thinks I'd be great at writing a thriller, as the One Night series has many thriller elements, but I love so much writing about love, romance and intense sex. So whatever I choose to write about in the future, it'll always have a love story entwined within the pages.

Did you always want to be an author?

Not at all. I didn't even consider myself an author after I'd written THIS MAN, maybe because no one read it for a long time. I always wanted to be an interior designer. I'm qualified, but my commitment to the family business stopped me from pursuing it. I couldn't, however, let the opportunities that came my way pass once I'd hit the self-publish button.

What was your favourite book growing up? 

I loved the Point Horror series. I used to go into town on a Saturday with my pocket money and buy one of the books, then make it last the whole week until I could buy another.

What do you need around you when you're writing?
Quiet! Also my journal for scribbling in.

Are any of your characters inspired by people in your life? 

My men are all imagination. My women, not so much. Both Livy and Ava have hints of me in them, Kate from THIS MAN has a lot of my best friend in her, and Nan of ONE NIGHT has traits of my own Nan and great aunts in her.

Did you have to do any research for any of your books? 

Of course! My Google search history is very interesting ;-)

When you start writing a book do you have a rough idea how many words it will end up being? 

I can't seem to write short stories. I always seem to hit the 140K mark with each book I write.

What is your favourite genre to read? 

Romance/erotica, though I read everything.

You must have travelled a lot for signings etc is there a place that you haven't visited yet that you would love to go? 

Many! The southern states of America are definitely on my hit list.

Who encouraged you to share Jesse with the world? 

I thought this was common knowledge! I have my best friend, Kate, to thank for that. Seeing her genuine reactions to the first part of Jesse's story made me think that maybe I could put him out there. I'm so glad I did :-)

You must have been really overwhelmed by everyone's response to both Jesse and M... When did it really sink in that you were an author?

I really was. I still don't think it has sunk in! My life has been a whirlwind, but I love it.

A lot of readers (myself included) love your secondary characters, will there be more bonus scenes in the future? 

I never say never. Problem is, I have so much going on in my head I'm not sure what to go with first. I have many more stories to tell before I consider revisiting THIS MAN and ONE NIGHT.

 If you haven't met Jesse or M yet then you need to do so right away!! ;-)
Here are some Teasers... Just in case you still need convincing!! 

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